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When landlords enter into a contract with their  tenants, they have an expectation that they will pay the rent on time, look after the property to a reasonable standard, etc. No relationship is ever perfect and every landlord will at some time find themselves in a situation where there maybe a disagreement. Such disagreements can usually be handled in a civil fashion. Unfortunately, we at Rapidlocks know that sometimes that relationship can break down, for many different reasons. We also know that sometimes tenants desire this as it gives them an excuse to stop paying rent! We have worked with many cases such as this. This is the time when the landlord maybe start proceedings to remove them from the property.

In our experience evicted tenants will be angry and sometimes even vindictive when evicted. In many cases, a tenant is evicted due to dire financial and personal situations. Regardless of the reasons behind the eviction, it is always best that the landlord or building manager hire a trustworthy locksmith eviction service to change the locks. Changing the locks will prevent the evicted tenant from gaining unauthorised entry into the property and causing malicious damage or theft. Moreover, if the vacancy is filled, the locks must be changed not only to protect the landlord’s property but that of the new tenant.

Locksmith eviction service know that the eviction process can be an emotional experience for the landlord. We are on call 24/7 and can offer plenty of free advice. The way we work is on the morning (they are usually AM evictions) of the court bailiff/High Court Sheriff executing the writ we can either gain entry and/or change the locks to prevent re-entry. We are courteous and professional to ALL parties and carry out our duties as quickly as possible. That way we find that the process goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Locksmith eviction are experienced in evicting from all types of properties.

We carry huge stocks on the van and when we have prior notice research as much as we can about the current security on the property so as on the day we are fully prepared.

Our current clients include many major high street banks and building societies, property management companies, county courts and repossession agents.

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